Balance a rewarding healthcare career and an enviable lifestyle in the Lakes District where work is just a scenic drive away. The Lakes District is famed for its geothermal attractions and outdoor activities. It's about working where others vacation! 

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About the Region

Lakes is located in the central North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Rotorua is located approximately 230 kilometers (143 miles) southeast of Auckland, while Taupō is located approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Rotorua.

Lakes is a geothermal wonderland and is also home to several scenic lakes, including Lake Taupō, the largest lake in New Zealand. Rotorua and Taupō are the go-to places for hiking, mountain biking, and water sports; you can also dive into traditional experiences and learn more about Māori culture in the region. 


Rotorua Swing Seat - Miles Holden

Health New Zealand - Lakes

About Health New Zealand

Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora is the Government organisation that provides publicly-funded universal health care to 5 million Kiwis.

The management and delivery of health services are broken down into 'Districts' across the country, determined by both geographic location and population.


About the Health New Zealand - Lakes District

Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora Lakes serves a population of just over 110,000 and covers 9,570 square kilometres. It stretches from Mourea, north of Rotorua, to Mangakino in the west down to Tūrangi in the south and across to Kaingaroa village in the east. The major centres of population are Rotorua and Taupō and the main smaller communities are Mangakino and Turangi.

The principal iwi (Māori tribal groups) in the Lakes district are Te Arawa and Ngāti Tūwharetoa. A significant number of Māori living here affiliate to iwi outside the district.

There are two territorial local authorities within the Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora Lakes boundaries – Rotorua Lakes and Taupō.

Photo location + credit: Rotorua (Miles Holden)

Health Services in the Lakes District

Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora Lakes is responsible for the provision (or funding the provision) of the majority of health services in the Lakes district.

These services in our district include:

  • Two hospital sites (Rotorua and Taupō)
  • Nine continuing care facilities – in addition we have one Hospital Specialist Services – Psychogeriatric Unit
  • One mental health inpatient facility
  • Four community bases for mental health (iCAMHS (Infant, Child and Adolescent): Adult community at Rotorua and Taupō; and Mental Health Service for Older People Rotorua
  • 14 aged related residential care facilities (rest homes)
  • 18 pharmacies (11 Rotorua, 6 Taupō, 1 Tūrangi)
  • 21 GP practices (5 Taupō/Tūrangi/Mangakino and 16 Rotorua)
  • 12 Māori providers, one of which also looks after Pacific interests
  • Two primary health organisations
Orthopaedic unit nurses from Health New Zealand - Lakes District

Services A to I

Acute Pain Service
Acute Response Team
Bowel Screening
Breast Screening
Cancer Care Nurses
Chemotherapy and Medical Day Stay
Child Development Team
Child Protection
Children's Health Hub - Te Aka Mauri
Children's Outreach Nursing Service
Children's Services
Children's Unit
Clinical Physiology
Continence Service
Covid Vaccination in the Rotorua and Taupō districts
Day Stay Unit
Dental Services
District Nursing
Ear Nurse Specialists
Emergency Department (Rotorua)
HIV Service
Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (iCAMHS)
Infectious Diseases
Intensive Care


Services J to Z

Kia Wana Lakes Baby Breastfeeding Support
Maternity Services
Mental Health and Addictions Service
Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP)
Needs Assessment Service Co-Ordination (NASC)
Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
Occupational Therapy
Older Person & Rehabilitation Service
Pokapū o te Taiwhenua Network - Digital health access
Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic
Primary Mental Health Intervention Service (PRIMHIS)
Public Health Nurses and Screening
Renal Satellite Dialysis Unit
Ruia Te Hua Oranga: Southern Lakes Adult MHAS
Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Services
Sexual Health - Rangiora Clinic
Social Work
Sore Throats
Special Care Baby Unit
Speech Language Therapy
Suicide - Info for Family and Friends
Te Ngako Rotorua (adult MHAS)
Te Whare Oranga Tangata o Whakaue Mental Health Inpatient Unit


Relocating to the Lakes District

Ready for a fresh start? Whether you're flying solo or bringing your family along, the Lakes District offers a unique blend of nature, comfort and community.

Kerosene Creek Rotorua | Credit: Vaughan Brookfield

Getting around

Whether you're soaking in a hot spring in Rotorua, skydiving over Lake Taupo, enjoying the tranquility of Mangakino, or trout fishing in Turangi, there's no shortage of memorable experiences to be had.

Kerosene Creek Rotorua | Credit: Vaughan Brookfield

Getting around

When you arrive

Rental car and airport pick up arrangements

Arriving international candidates may reimburse expenses incurred for rental car, airport pickup, and shipping of belongings, against their relocation package. Refer to your employment agreement and check with your hiring manager.

Driving in New Zealand

You're allowed to use your current driver's license in New Zealand for up to 12 months during your visit. After that, you'll need to change it to a New Zealand license. You can find out more about driving in New Zealand here.


Other ways to travel the Lakes District
  • Baybus operates buses in Rotorua. There are a variety of bus options in Taupō.
  • Rotorua and Taupō are laid out to encourage the use of bicycles.
  • Shuttles and car rental are available.  
  • Taxis and rideshare services like Uber are also available.
Couple moving in (popup image)

Housing options

Moving here is a breeze. Depending on your employment agreement, you may qualify for a relocation package. We can help making your start as smooth as possible.

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Housing options

When you arrive

Short term accommodation

You may consider booking short-term accommodation ahead of your arrival, then search for long-term accommodation when you arrive. The cost and availability of short-term accommodation varies widely through the year. It can be affected by tourism peak season, university start dates and school holidays, to name a few. Familiarise yourself with the city and view available long-term accommodation to ensure it suits your preference. Several considerations to make are proximity to the workplace available nearby schools for the kids, and the ideal size of the property. Some may also find that flatting would be a more suitable arrangement.

Health New Zealand – Lakes provides a list of available short and long-term rental properties to international candidates.

Other temporary accommodation options



Familiarise yourself with the locality and view available long-term accommodation to ensure it suits your preference. Local rental agencies can help you to locate a property, otherwise looking online is a good place start! Note that most rentals in Aotearoa are unfurnished however furniture and whiteware can be rented in some parts of the country. Rental properties can be sourced via the following websites: 

Rental agencies


Buying or building a house

We know that moving to a new country is a major move, and buying or building a house there makes it even more significant. If you're a healthcare professional on NZ's Green List of roles, you have a unique opportunity to fast-track your residency process. Normally, only residents and citizens can buy a house to live in in New Zealand. When you can, use the Buying or Building a House tool to find out if you can purchase a house in New Zealand.



Taupo bungy | Credit: Mead Norton Taupo kayaking | Credit: Miles Holden

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Photo locations + credits, left to right: Kayaking in Taupō (Miles Holden); Taupō Bungy (Mead Norton)

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